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Department of Accountancy
  • Ms. Jaya KhuranaHead of Department

  • Accountancy

    Accountancy forms the basis of the world of business and management. The Department aims to develop entrepreneurial acumen among the students of the commerce stream. The Department has been known to produce superlative results in the Board Examinations to the credit of the complete faculty.

    Name of Teacher

    Ms. Jaya Khurana

    Ms. Anuja Wahal

    Ms. Pooja Bahl

    Ms. Garima Tomar

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Department of Biology
  • Ms. Richa BhatiaHead of Department

  • Biology

    Biology the study of life. At Modern School, we offer Biology from class VI to class XII at every step dealing with it in an approach that is practical and simplistic, making it an enjoyable and interesting experience. We combine our vast collection of specimens and slides with the cutting edge discoveries of the fast diversifying and fast paced world of life science and the experience of our teachers. Consistently amongst the top performing departments at the school, Biology at Modern School is an experience a student never forgets.

    Name of Teacher

    Ms. Richa Bhatia

    Ms. Manpreet Kaur

    Ms. Simmi Khera

    Ms. Shalini Dhaiya

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Department of Biotechnology
  • Ms. Roma KumarHead of Department

  • Biotechnology

    There have been breathtaking advances in the sunrise sector of Biotechnology, in the 21st century. From sequencing of the human genome, to stem cell therapy, this field of science has revolutionized our world. The Department of Biotechnology of the school is more updated and technologically advanced than any other school. The laboratory, with its state-of-the-art equipment is the pride of the school and also the site for experiments such as electrophoresis and chromatography. The department regularly organizes trips to scientific institutions such as The Department of Modern Biology, The National Science Centre and The National Physical Laboratories.

    Name of Teacher

    MS. Roma Kumar

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Department of Business Studies
  • Ms. Jaya KhuranaHead of Department

  • Business Studies

    Nurturing the future entrepreneurs of the country is the Department of Business Studies of the school. It organizes regular seminars and takes part in discussions organized by institutions such as FICCI and CII. It believes in sound foundation theory and building a structure of practical experience on it. The Department of Business Studies promotes a comprehensive study of the different aspects of business enabling students to incorporate business acumen in their minds. Students take immense interest in the subject as the methodology adopted by the teachers is both theoretical and practical.

    Name of Teacher

    Ms. Jaya Khurana

    Ms. Neera Paritosh

    Ms. Payal Mathur

    Ms. Pooja Bahl

    Ms. Garima Tomar

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Department of Chemistry
  • Ms. Vandana DhawanHead of Department

  • Chemistry

    The Department of Chemistry is fully equipped to meet the requirements of the classes for senior secondary students. The three labs allow the students to conduct experiments independently, hence the students of Chemistry are able to gain hands-on experience and adequate exposure and solve specific problems in the use of chemicals. The Department is very well-equipped with modern facilities like overhead projectors, computers and internet facilities, which provide a good learning experience. The labs in the department to a large extent are eco-friendly.

    Name of Teacher

    Ms. Vandana Dhawan

    Ms. Deepa Kataria

    Ms. Harpreet Khattar

    Ms. Nalini Indnani

    Ms. Sangeeta Manchanda

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Department of Computer Science
  • Mr. Gautam SarkarHead of Department

  • Computer Science

    The Department of Computer Science was started in July, 1984 with the objective of promoting computer awareness amongst students and the faculty and also to provide specialized knowledge in the field of computer science and computer application to the interested students in senior secondary classes. The Department indeed provides an outstanding research environment complemented by superior teaching for its students to flourish in. There are components of the course in which students are given topics for self study on which they prepare different projects using various computer tools and present the material on suitable platforms. Proper IT training cannot be imparted at any level without a laboratory, library, a qualified and quality conscious faculty. The Department of Computer Science has about 100 computers assigned for training alone at three state-of-the-art Computer Laboratories and one Resource Centre to provide the access to computers and internet. The school has all the latest licensed software and has one of the best collections of computer CDs and DVDs in its Digital Library. Some of the faculty members are also actively involved as Executive Members of various bodies of CBSE and NCERT. They are instrumental in the process of syllabus designing, setting of sample papers, designing of marking scheme, etc. Following courses are being taught under this department:

    CLASS 6 TO 10

    Computer education is compulsory for these classes. The Department designs its own curriculum and syllabus for these classes and the faculty develops the contents for the topics of the syllabus. The syllabus has been designed keeping in mind the daily needs. In terms of Computer Operating System, Office Software, Photo/Audio/Video Editing Software, Web Page Designing, Networking, Internet and applications, Computer Ethics and Security. Stress is given on the project-based learning and evaluation. There are a few ongoing online projects with partner schools around the globe that have empowered the students to get a better understanding of cultural differences. The students discuss on various socially important subjects and interact through video conferencing, online chatting, uploading their presentations and movies, etc.

    Class 11 & 12

    Modern School offers the following two optional subjects to the Senior Secondary students through this Department.

    1. Computer Science [Subject Code: 083] - available only for the students having Science with Mathematics.

    2.Informatics Practices [Subject Code: 067] - This subject is offered to the students having Science without Computer Science, Commerce without Mathematics and Humanities students.

    The staff members of this Department are:

    Name of Teacher

    Mr. Gautam Sarkar

    Ms. Divya Sahdev

    Mr. Pravesh Kumar Sharma

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Department of Economics
  • Ms. Meera MalhotraHead of Department

  • Economics

    The Department of Economics is known for its vibrancy and dynamism. The teachers in the Department are instrumental in bridging the gap between theoretical concepts and real life economic situations. Their expert guidance in academics and activities of the Economics Society has enabled the students to make a mark in various competitive events held in various reputed schools. The department has enabled Modern School to win laurels in esteemed management institutes like IIM Lucknow. Probe sessions provide an opportunity to the students to interact with renowned economist & personalities. It is closely involved with the main educational bodies like CBSE & NCERT. It nurtures students in a way for striving towards excellence.

    Name of Teacher

    Ms. Meera Malhotra

    Ms. Payal Mathur

    Ms. Puja Kapoor

    Ms. Sunila Kalra


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Department of English
  • English Department

  • English

    The Department of English has been instrumental in promoting appreciation of literature amongst the students. The Department also aims to enhance the creative linguistic abilities beyond prescribed curriculum. The English language brings the world together, bridging the gap of communication.

    Name of Teacher

    Ms. Malini Khatri

    Ms. Deepika Parashar

    Mr. Feroz Bakht Ahmed

    Ms. Gita Bhasin

    Ms. Harleen Chadha

    Ms. Meghna Kapoor

    Ms. Namrata Sanghi

    Ms. Sonal Bedi

    Ms. Lata Kishnani

    Ms. Archana Shukla

    Ms. Himani Bakshi

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Department of Fashion Technology
  • Ms. Hema Anand BajajHead of Department

  • Fashion Studies

    Fashion is the mirror of time in which we live and a translation of future. Fashion technology is the upcoming field introduced by CBSE in year 2004 at 10+2 level. This course offers a comprehensive design education for dedicated and ambitious students looking for a specialist career with creative arena of fashion design industry. In Modern school, the department started in the year 2005. The salient feature of department is the excellent performance in XII Board Exams in the subject and showing its continual professional growth in NIFT, PEARL Apeejay NID and Srishti fashion institutes.

    Name of Teacher

    MS. Hema Anand Bajaj

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Department of Geography
  •  Geography Department

  • Geography

    The Department of Geography of Modern School may be small but it makes up in the dynamic teachers that belong in it, who motivate and create a world of geographical understanding. The subject of the this relevant subject can be seen in the quote below
    You can travel the seas, poles and deserts and see nothing to really understand the world you need to learn about geography. I can not imagine a subject more relevant in schools.
    To sum up the importance of this vital subject are these lines- We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors we borrow it from our children.

    Name of Teacher

    Ms. Deepa Kapoor

    Ms. Seema Puri

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Department of Hindi
  • Ms. Alka LuthraHead of Department

  • Hindi

    The Department of Hindi of the school aims to form a window for the students to their culture and linguistic roots. The objective has been to sensitize students towards intrinsic Indian values as expressed in Hindi Literature. The Department boasts of three PhD members and aims to equip students with bi- lingual values. The Department also continues to make noteworthy contributions to theatrical presentations encompassing plays, ballets and speeches on key school functions

    Name of Teacher

    Ms. Alka Luthra

    Ms. Kavita Shelly

    Ms. Manju Vijra

    Dr. Meenakshi Agarwal

    Dr. Pradeep Jain

    Ms. Anjali Gupta Chhabra

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Department of History
  • Ms. Beeba SobtiHead of Department

  • History

    The Department of History helps us to unlock the past, and it is the foundation of education and guides us to the future. History has been made interesting by a brilliant faculty, using innovative methods such as heritage walks and historical trips.

    Name of Teacher

    Ms. Beeba Sobti

    Ms. Seema Puri

    Ms. Sonia Kapur

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Department of Home Science
  • Ms. Shashi GuptaHead of Department

  • Home Science

    Home Science is offered as a SUPW from 8th to 10th standard and as an academic subject at the 10+2 level. The Department conducts various productive and creative activities which help the students to develop good motor skills and act as stress busters. Students learn life skills like cookery, with emphasis on nutritive value, health and hygiene and interior decoration. The lab is spacious and well-equipped, and the Department aims to form the basis of planned lifestyle management for its students.

    Name of Teacher

    Ms. Shashi Gupta

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Department of Mathematics
  • Dr. P.P. VermaniHead of Department

  • Mathematics

    The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple! This is what the Maths Department aims to achieve. The department has a competent faculty which endeavours to promote interest in the subject. The faculty believes in the adage that Mathematics expresses values that reflect the cosmos, including orderliness, balance, harmony, logic, and abstract beauty. The two functional Maths labs is an arena for the students to add fodder to the intellect and at the end of it all, the echo of the famous words of Alexander,Veni, Vidi, Veci (which translates to I came, I saw I conquered) rents the air! That should be the sole aim of every subject and the Maths Department of the school sans flattery is religiously trying to achieve. Yes, the effort is visible in transforming Maths into a cool subject.

    Name of Teacher

    Dr. P.P. Vermani

    Ms.Anuradha Behl


    Ms.Kanika Arora

    Ms.Lekha Menon

    Ms.Nancy Khera

    Ms.Neha Dua


    Ms.Jyotsana Srivastava

    Mr.Sanatan Roy

    Ms.Seema Gupta Sahi

    Ms.Sonika Jain

    Ms.Swati Chojer

    Ms.Rashmi Goyal

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Department of Painting
  • Ms. Aradhana GuptaHead of Department

  • Painting

    The objective of the Department is to teach students to interpret their thoughts and emotions, and learn to showcase them in realistic and fusion art, with the use of different techniques. Active participation in several exhibitions and auctions has proved the skill and creativity of the students. The Department organized a successful auction in collaboration in UNESCO on the subject Women.

    Name of Teacher

    MS. Aradhana Gupta

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Department of Physical Education
  • Mr. Rajesh KumarHead of Department

  • Physical Education

    Modern School with an area of 26 acres and an excellent infrastructure, provides the opportunity to the students to be physically fit .The Physical Education Department at Modern School has excellent teachers and coaches making the students competitive at all levels in various games and sports.

    Name of Teacher

    Mr. Rajesh Kr,HOD (Basket Ball)

    Mr. Naveen Chopra (Cricket)

    Mr. S.D. Sharma (Badminton)

    Mr. Vinod Kumar (Lawn Tennis)

    Mr. Pankaj Rathi (Swimming)

    Ms. Priyanka Sisodia (Cricket)

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Department of Physics
  •  Physics Department

  • Physics

    Physics is the lens which brings the cosmos into focus. The breath taking advances in communications and information technology have turned the world into a global village. The Department is very well equipped and has an array of the latest teaching aids, both audio and video. It also has a well- stocked library consisting of books, journals and educational films. The motto of the department is-Learning by doing creative, innovative experiments, which helps the student to not only grasp things better but also enjoy learning Physics. The salient feature of the department is excellent performance of our students in the Boards in Physics and as well as the examinations showing its continual professional growth. Modern School, with its excellent department of Physics is all set to enter cyberspsce. The dedicated faculty works under the inspiring leadership of Mr. Girjesh Giri. The faculty at present includes :

    Name of Teacher

    Mr. Manoj Kumar

    Ms. Bindu Kapoor

    Ms. Neha Jindal

    Ms. Sapna Bhargava

    Ms. Sarita Sharma

    Ms. Sutapa Lahade

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Department of Political Science
  •  Political Science Department

  • Political Science

    The Department of Political Science is one of the oldest disciplines taught in Modern School. The faculty of the Department consists of dynamic and enthusiastic teachers committed to creating a democratic academic culture. Its congenial and enriching atmosphere nurture and encourage lively student teacher interaction, striving towards excellence. The teaching methodology combines lectures, tests, periodic written assignments and project work. The Department also has a vibrant MOD MUN. All these events aim at encouraging the students to explore beyond the frontiers of the prescribed syllabus and discuss and evaluate critical social and political issues. The Political Science students who have passed out have been provided with a foundation on which they could craft their success.

    Name of Teacher

    Ms. Charu Bhatnagar

    Ms. Urna Sharma

    Email ID



Department of Psychology
  • Ms. Cimeran KherHead of Department

  • Psychology

    The Department of Psychology of Modern School aims to enable the students to delve into the enigmatic functioning of the human mind. Apart from rigorous theoretical training, students also undertake interviews and case studies to experience a practical approach. The Department has received several academic laurels for school.

    Name of Teacher

    Ms. Cimeron Kher

    Ms. Baveen Gupta

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Department of Sanskrit
  •  Sanskrit Department

  • Sanskrit

    The Department of Sanskrit makes the students discover the most ancient culture through this language, using modern tools and a communicational approach. The objective is to create interest of students for this language and make them aware of our ancient and rich culture. At the same time, it develops and sharpens the creative skills of the students.

    Name of Teacher

    Ms.Deepa Pant

    Ms.Poonam Rajput

    Email ID