Boarding House

Boarding House

Overlooking the lush green sports field and the Olympic size swimming pool is the Golden Jubilee Building - a home away from home. The students are under the guidance of a Housemaster, who helps them in their all - round development. The double - storeyed building has 31 rooms, a common room and a library, with the latest magazines and newspaper. The staff quarters and sanatorium are close at hand, to give the hostel boys a securely home atmosphere. Delicious and wholesome meals are prepared and served in extremely hygienic surroundings. Hostel Recreation includes all facilities available in the school, including a T.V room. Supervised studies are conducted daily in a organised manner. The students have access to the internet. The hostel remain closed in summer vacations, which begins in May and continue till the end of June, winter vacations during December and the autumn break in mid- October. The students are allowed to go to their local guardians on weekends. Students are also taken to theatres, exhibition, films and other events in Delhi. Excursions and field trips are arranged from time to time.

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Dr Vijay Datta Principal Modern Schoolfacilitie