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The Astronomy Club was founded in our school in 2004 in association with Science Popularization Association of Communicators & Educators under the leadership of It has been training and encouraging budding astronomers through sessions, fairs and competitions. It also aims to spread awareness about science through its members and consists of 3 levels-Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced.


  • On 29th November 2016, a session on ‘Safe Solar Observation Techniques’ was conducted. Student were apprised of the importance of sun for life on earth, safe & unsafe methods to observe the sun, use of solar filters and telescopes for safer solar observation.
  • ‘Module 02’ students were taken to Jantar Mantar on 1st December 2016 where they learnt about the astronomical significance of this observatory and working of various ‘Yantras’ which were used to predict time and movement of celestial bodies.
  • Yet another session was held for ‘Module 02’ students on 23rd December 2016 on ‘Image Processing – Giving Life to a Picture’. They were taught to study pictures of celestial objects through their processed images by using different software such as GIMP, Registack, PIPP and Startrails etc.
  • On 29th December 2016, a session on ‘Rockets’ was held. They were taught about the weight, motion, forces and working of a ‘rocket’. As a fun-cum-learn activity, students made their own hydro-rockets.
  • The Club conducted a session for Module 2 members on “Barn Door Tracker Device” on 6th February 2017. Students were trained to track celestial objects through camera using this device.
  • After the Preparation Session on 1st February 2017, the members of the Astronomy Club celebrated its Annual Astronomy Day on 9th February 2017. The event kick-started with a welcome speech followed by a skit “Mars Wars” to make everyone aware of the harmful effects of excessive CO2. Dance performance on “Musical Rendezvous with Stars” by the young members of the Club was another highlight of the event. The outdoor activities included learning about Spectroscopy, Barn Door Tracker, Jantar Mantar, Solar System Observation. Shooting Hydro Rockets and students weighing themselves on other planets added fun to the outdoor activity. The Chief Guest on the occasion was Mr Sachin Bahmba, CEO of SPACE Group. Other esteemed guests on this event were – Mr Christy Wells and Mr Guy Hooper from United Kingdom. During evening session of the Astronomy Day celebrations, Module-1 Members spotted bright stars through their telescopes and also saw the Orion Constellation and the bright Sirius Star. Module-2 Members attended Astrophotography Session and captured spell-bounding pictures of the Moon, Venus and Mars on their D.S.L.R. cameras.
  • Student members of Module-I and Module-II, escorted by four teachers, visited the Astroport, Sariska for a ‘Night Sky Observation Camp’ organized by SPACE on 24th March 2017. Away from light pollution, members of Module-I enjoyed observing stars, constellations, Ursa-major and Orion, learnt using telescopes & plano-sphere. Module-II members pointed their telescopes to many messier objects and witnessed a satellite pass. As the night grew darker, they also observed celestial objects, shooting stars, view of Jupiter – its ring & its four moons, planet Saturn and just before the dawn, milky-way came along with a crescent moon.
  • The Club held sessions on ‘Comet Making’ and ‘Advance Rocketing’ in school on 9th May 2017. These sessions were attended by 690 students of Module-I and 35 students of Module-2 respectively.
  • The Teacher In-charge of the Astronomy Club conducted a session for student members of Module-I on ‘A Grid in the Sky: Celestial Coordinate System’ on 19th July 2017. They were trained to identify reference techniques to locate objects in the space and creating a celestial grid & a sky map. Module-II student members were guided on (i) Understanding Spectroscopy & Star Spectroscopy (ii) Understanding of Spectrum of Light (iii) Understanding the Interaction between Matter and Electro-Magnetic Radiation (iv) Identifying various Matter through variation in Spectrum (v) Using Spectroscope.
  • Seventeen students of the Astronomy Club visited the Nehru Planetarium on 26th July 2017 to see the show ‘Yeh Taara Woh Taara’. The students were briefed on various concepts like how the sunlight reaches the earth in 8 minutes, formation of the Great Square of Pegasus, clown face shape in the sky called the Eagle, Sky Mapping etc. They were also told about Constellations e.g. ‘Watch Dog’ and ‘Saptarishi’ and Observatories e.g. ‘Sher Mandal’ (Purana Qila) and Jantar Mantar.
  • On 17th August 2017, a session on ‘Astrophotography – Level 1’ was held for the students of Module-I wherein they were informed about the DSLR Camera and its operations. Module-II students attended a session on ‘Time Sundial’ and ‘Creating Sundials’ on the same day.
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