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Astronomy Club

Mission and vision

The Astronomy Club was founded in our school in 2004 in association with Science Popularization Association of Communicators & Educators under the leadership of Mrs. Subhashini Sinha. It has been training and encouraging budding astronomers through sessions, fairs and competitions. It also aims to spread awareness about science through its members and consists of 3 levels-Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced.


  • Till now the Astronomy Club has organized Astro Fairs which have received a good response.
  • Students have regularly been going for Olympiads and Quiz competitions.
  • They have been winners or Runners-up consecutively for 3 yrs. since 2005 in the annual astronomy Quiz organized by Nehru Planetarium.
  • Its members recently went to Space Camp in the USA which is conducted by museum associated with NASA. Earlier, Mrs. Sinha had gone for the same.
  • Many of our members interacted with Mrs. Sunita Williams on TV when she came to India.
  • It is operating with Beginner and Intermediate levels right now and one member is currently doing advanced.
  • Gunjan Bansal of the advanced level observed the geminids meteor shower and her observations were ratified by the International Meteor Organization and published on their website.
  • Its members also participated in the Heliodysey of 2006 and 2008 and won consolation prizes.
  • Saurabh Sharma also went to NASA after winning the ‘Dectination NASA’ contest.
  • The Club also conducted an observation of the 2006 Partial Solar Eclipse.
  • Some members took part in the space Settlement Design Contest.

Future Prospects

We plan to start a full-fledged Advanced level batch and also increase our members from the current number.

We are also keen on maintaining our position as Astronomy Quiz Champs and send our students for more international competitions.

“Forever new frontiers”