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Economics Society

Economics Society

The Economics society or Arthgauravam headed by Mrs. Meera Malhotra, HOD. Economics, is one of the most active societies of our school. It focuses on the holistic development of the students along with helping them understand the science of economics and be able to practically apply it in day to day life. The society provides various opportunities for students to realize their full potential and works together to help them achieve their best capabilities. The activities of the society are spread over the entire year. It has been successful in organizing 7 annual symposiums along with stalls at the Diwali mela for three consecutive years. There are various other activities of the society as well, which includes probe sessions, field visits, and participation in inter-school competitions.

The Vision of the society is to evolve leaders who can manage the economic scenario of future India.

The Mission is to inculcate managerial, organizational and research skills and incorporate analytical and cognitive abilities in students.


Industrial visits: The society organizes various field trips to different industries for its students. A couple of students recently visited the Sky Gourmet which is an airline catering unit.

Competitions: Students of the Economics Society have taken part in various inter-school competitions.

  • D.P.S.Noida – we won the overall best team along with 1st prize in logonomics and ad-acting.
  • IIM-Lucknow- we won the 1st prize in the quiz, 1st prize in The Strategist and 2nd in advertising.

Annual Symposium: The society organizes the economics symposium every year in which many reputed schools of Delhi participate. There are various activities cum competitions like ad-acting, declamation, economics quiz, business operations HAM and JAM sessions, logonomics and group discussions.

Diwali Mela: the society every year holds a stall at the diwali mela which is a fund-raiser. The students design sweat shirts, key chains, posters, photo frames and various other things which are sold at the stall.

Probe sessions: the Society organizes various probe sessions by eminent economists. The latest probe session was by Mr. Rajul Awasthi, OSD to the finance minister of India, who delivered a talk followed by a presentation on Bharat Vs India.

Annual Symposium – Arthnama

The Economics society has held 7th annual symposium. It gives the opportunity to students of reputed schools to demonstrate their talent and bring up their views and opinions on several economic related issues. It includes the following activities;

  • Ad-acting-teams present a television advertisement for the given product. They need to prepare an original and creative advertisement to sell their product.
  • Business Operations- deals with the various business processes such as purchasing, production and marketing. It provides a real market scenario.
  • Economics Quiz- in this the students intelligence, general awareness and resource management abilities are tested.
  • Global Environment Conference- It is a United Nations stimulation which focuses on global charter on environment needs. Each representative presents a country realistically, through a thorough understanding of the countries policy.
  • Declamation – the students are given a current topic related to economics and they have to present their views on it. Unlike a debate the declamation does not have any motion.
  • Logonomics – the students are supposed to present a product design. This activity tests their artistic and creative skills.

Future prospects of the society

Continue to organize annual symposiums and the Diwali Mela. The society will be shortly holding another probe session along with a field visit to some industry. Aims to enhance and diversify the activities of the society at large.


The Economics Society of Mo dern School organised its prestigious symposium “Arthanama” on the 9th of July, 2011. Various reputed schools of Delhi enthusiastically took part in the event.

Dr. Chandrajit Banerjee, Director General Confederation of Indian Industry graced the occasion as Chief Guest, The Guest of honour being Mr Sunil Mitra, the former finance secretary and revenue secretary to the Ministry of Finance, Government of India.

The event commenced with the ceremony of lighting the lamp, followed by an inspiring speech by Dr. Banerjee. He spoke about the current economic scenario and India’s development and growth.

After his enriching speech, came another treat for the economics students in the form of Mr. Mitra’s motivating speech which included importance of leadership and initiative. His ideas will surely last in the audiences’ minds forever.

Various Events were organised by the club which included:-

  • Business Operations: The participants are required to select raw materials from a mind boggling array of raw materials and make a product that caters to a market space. Modern School, BK was the winner.
  • Brandstorm: it was a marketing and brand knowledge contest which dealt with brands and their marketing strategies. Creating posters to market products and product range was the competition’s key element. Modern, BK once again bagged the 1st prize.
  • Group Discussion: this year’s group discussion topic was-“are women being allowed to be architects of India’s economy?” Modern School, Barakhamba won the event.

The others being- Portfolio Management, Cost management and Ad-Acting.

Modern School, Barakhamba Road bagged the overall trophy but being the Host School, passed it on to the first runners-up, Carmel Convent School.

Because of the immense support of the Principal, and the great efforts of the mentors- Ms. Meera Malhotra, Ms. Payal Mathur, Ms. Puja Kapoor, Ms. Sunila Kalra and Mr. Shaju George, the Event proved to be a huge success.