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Economics Society

Economics Society

The Economics society or Arthgauravam headed by Mrs. Meera Malhotra, HOD. Economics, is one of the most active societies of our school. It focuses on the holistic development of the students along with helping them understand the science of economics and be able to practically apply it in day to day life. The society provides various opportunities for students to realize their full potential and works together to help them achieve their best capabilities. The activities of the society are spread over the entire year. It has been successful in organizing 7 annual symposiums along with stalls at the Diwali mela for three consecutive years. There are various other activities of the society as well, which includes probe sessions, field visits, and participation in inter-school competitions.

The Vision of the society is to evolve leaders who can manage the economic scenario of future India.

The Mission is to inculcate managerial, organizational and research skills and incorporate analytical and cognitive abilities in students.