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Environment Club

Awareness amongst some of us that, the earth does not belong to man but man belongs to the earth, led to the formation of The Environment Club.


  • To encourage the use of public transport a project on “vehicular pollutions” was taken up-the students conducted surveys, monitored, strategic traffic crossings, interviewed Mr Ajay maken, the mayor of Delhi, students and professionals a to find out their views. Questionnaires were distributed and conclusions were drawn from the analysis were presented in the form of portfolios which in cluded causes, government policy, proposal changes.
  • A campaign for Eco-friendly materials for bags was taken up. Students made paper bags, poster and a signature campaign was taken up.
  • Talk session was organized on various environmental issues to mark the earth day celebrations.
  • A project was taken up on water conservations and management-students made posters. Mr Niranjan Khatri CM Environment Iniatures ITC group made a presentation to enlighten to students on the issue.
  • A project was taken up on ‘global warming’ students worked on the causes and probable solutions to the problem.
  • Cleanliness Campaign was taken up.
  • We participated in all activities Delhi Environment Ministry.

Activities proposed in 2008 -2009

  • To take up efforts to reduce global warming and carbon emissions-Car pool. Campaign to be taken up for students coming to school by car. List of students using car to be put up in each block to facilitate ‘car pools’
  • Students of modern school to take up a green pledge and conduct a signature campaign to popularize the green pledge among the students.
  • Talk session was organized on various environmental issues to mark the earth day celebrations.
  • A cleanliness drive to be taken up by the students.
  • Students to take up detailed study of
    • A) carbon foot prints
    • • How our modern lifestyle and globalization has led to increased carbon emissions.
    • • Students to prepare a changes in our lifestyle as a student, as a consumer, as a common man to
      effectively reduce carbon emissions
    • • Awareness campaign to be taken up to encourage the students to adopt these changes
    • B) Importance of solar energy as an effective eco-friendly fuel.
  • Campaign “no to crackers” to be taken up .
  • Students to take up the” green olympiard2208 organised by TERI .Students of our school took part in the earth day celebration organized at the Delhi secretariat. A presentation was made on global warming. They also took part in the discussion chaired by Hon. Minister SHEILA DIXIT. In response to students sharing information on the “Car Pool Campaign” the environment club has taken up she said and I quote- ‘when Modern School does something it is not small ,others will follow: It sets standards!