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Peer Training Club

Peer Training Club

The English term “peer” refers to one that is of equal standing with another; especially based on age, grade or status. In modern times, the term has come to mean fellow, equal, like, or co-equal. Peer Training is often used to effect change at the individual level by attempting to modify a person's knowledge, attitudes, beliefs or behaviors. Students often find it difficult to obtain clear and correct information on issues that concern them such as sex, sexuality, substance use, reproductive health, HIV/AIDS. Peer Training is an effective way of dealing with these issues because it is a dialogue between equals. Peer Training in Modern School typically involves the students of classes S-6 and S-7 as Peer Trainers to effect change among junior students. Students are encouraged to ask questions on subjects related to teenage problems and are able to discuss without the fear of being judged and labeled. They can discuss issues that are difficult to discuss with an adult and gain insights through mutual sharing of experiences, knowledge and information.

The Peer Training Club was created to spread messages which would enhance the holistic development of students. Peer trainers are an integral part of the Wellness Centre of the school. Peer trainers/Educators are seen as students who have received special training to be able to help their peers help themselves.

The main activities of the club include holding workshops and awareness classes regularly on issues like Drug Awareness, Life Skills, Anger Management, HIV/AIDS. It aims at bringing about a major change for the betterment of the students.